Sell Your House

Are you ready to sell your house? As we all know, the real estate market is cyclical. It can be a seller’s market and then shift to a buyer’s market, depending upon the economy. If the shift is in a buyer’s market and there is a surplus of homes available from which a buyer can choose, your house should be marketed to make it the most appealing to potential buyers. If you decide to sell your house, utilizing a few cost-free or very inexpensive tips might mean the difference between selling your house and letting it sit on the market.

• Because many buyers use the Internet to search for homes, having good pictures are vital in advertising the sale of your home.
• For the exterior photos, make sure you take pictures from several angles, including the front and back of your house.
• Make sure the lawn is mowed the shrubs are trimmed.
• Pull weeds around the entries.
• Don’t include your cars in the pictures.
• Don’t use shade in your pictures.
• Don’t shoot the pictures into the sun.
• Remove any children’s toys or junk that may have accumulated in your yard.
• If you are in a town home or a condo that doesn’t have a yard, be sure to include pictures of the pool, clubhouse and any other accessories in your area.

For the interior of your house, you should:

• Make sure all the lights are on to give you clearer pictures.
• Open all your blinds and drapes.
• For the bathrooms, close the shower curtains and toilet lids, and remove any trash cans.
• If you have beautiful wood flooring, make sure to take pictures showing it.
• If you have a fireplace, include it in your pictures.
• Use strategically placed floral arrangements in both the dining room and kitchen.
• Make sure to take pictures of each room in your house.

When buyers search the Internet in today’s market, they love to see virtual tours of the homes in which they have an interest.

• A virtual tour lets the prospective buyer see the entire house without actually being there.
• Virtual tours can include music or sound. Most virtual tours are done by a professional virtual tour company and are relatively inexpensive. The tour company can even include a script written especially for your house.
• Virtual tours give the interested buyer a 360 degree view of your house.

If you want to maximize your opportunities to sell your house, you will need good signage to advertise it. With your number on the sign, it encourages your prospective buyers to call. If your home is a condo, and your homeowner’s association won’t allow signage in front of your condo, ask them if you can put a sign in your window.

Most sellers will advertise in the newspaper or use online ads to reach their buyers. Some of the advertising resources are:

• Your local newspaper. Make sure you advertise on the days that most readers will see them. Generally, it is on Sunday.
• Advertise on websites such as
• Use real estate publications
• Email all your friends and neighbors to let them know your house is for sale. They might not be interested, but they may know someone who may be.
• Advertise your open house times on the Internet.

You can also use strategically-placed flyers to advertise your home. In addition, you should send out e-flyers online to your family, coworkers and friends, who may be interested or may know someone who is interested. We hope these tips to sell your house will help you quickly find a buyer. Good luck!