Sell My Home Fast

Have you ever found yourself in the position where you say, “I have to sell my home fast?” There are several different strategies for selling your home, but all of these options won’t allow you to sell your home fast. You may be aware of some of these options:

• You may seek help from a realtor, and tell them, “I need to sell my home fast.” Realtors come to your home, do a walk-through, do comparables on houses in your neighborhood, tell you what price they think your house should be listed for and try to find buyers. If they are successful, the real estate company will arrange the closing, and you will sell your house. The only problem is that this process could up to a year or more in today’s market. That’s not selling your home fast.

• You can put a sign in your yard and try to sell your home yourself. If you sell your home yourself, you won’t have to pay costly real estate commissions. But there are downsides to selling your home yourself. Do you know the value of your house? What if the buyer wants you make costly repairs before they will sign the contract? Are you able and prepared to spend the money for the repairs? If you find a buyer, do you have the know-how to negotiate with the buyer and your lender? Can you set up the closing? This process won’t be fast either.

• You could sell your home through an auction process. The auction process begins with signing an agreement with the auction company. Marketing will be done on your home, including details and photos. Auction signs will be placed on your property. Open inspections will be offered to prospective buyers. This process will continue for 30 days until the day of the auction. On the auction day, bids are taken, and the highest bidder gets your home. Closing will be 60 days from the beginning of the process. There are numerous downsides to auctioning your house. For instance, people will be in and out of your house for 30 days during the inspection period. Do you really want that? The person who puts in the highest bid will get your house, but that bid may not be the price you wanted to get from you house. The whole process takes 60 days. Do you really have the time to wait?

• You can contact a real estate investor. What exactly does a real estate investor do? A real estate investor can make you an offer on your home within a couple days and close within 10 days. Why should you use a real estate investor? Using a real estate investor can relieve you of all the stress-related problems you may be going through. Whether you are in foreclosure, need fast cash, inherit a property you don’t want to keep, are going through a divorce, want to move due to loss of a spouse, have serious illness or disability, own multiple rental property and are tired to being a landlord, are being transferred, or just want to move to a larger or smaller home, a real estate investor can be the answer to your problems. Real estate investors can offer you several solutions from which to choose, which will allow you to move on with your life. Tired of saying, “I need to sell my home fast?” Call us today. You can sell your home fast with us!