Sell House

Has the phrase “sell house” been going through your mind lately? Perhaps some life-changing event has happened in your life which has given you and your family no alternative other than to sell your house. If you’ve found yourself in a “sell house” mode, the first thing you have to do is to decide which method you are going to use to sell it.

The traditional method of selling a house is through a realtor. What is the process of selling your house through a realtor, and is that the best method for you to sell your house? If you consider using a realtor, the process is pretty much the same in all areas and is as follows:

• You contact the realtor’s office, and someone will call you back and make an appointment to come talk with you.
• During the realtor’s visit, he or she will ask you some pertinent questions, such as how long you’ve owned your house, how much you owe on your mortgage, where you house is financed, what you expect to receive from the sale of your house and what your time frame is for the sale of your property.
• After analyzing the condition, location and mortgage balance of your home, as well as pulling comps on the houses sold in your area, the realtor will let you know what the asking price of your house should be.
• You will sign a real estate sales agreement with the agent, and a “for sale” sign will be placed in your yard.
• A caravan of real estate agents will come by to do a “walk through” at your house, so they will be familiar with it if prospective buyers should call or want to view it.
• You wait for a buyer.
• During the wait, you will still be responsible for your mortgage payments, taxes and insurance.
• If the realtor finds a buyer for your house, the buyer may ask you to make repairs or changes before he closes.
• Once the house is repaired or changed to the buyer’s specifications, a contract will be signed and a closing date will be set in about 45 days.
• At closing, the realtor’s commission and fees will be deducted from the proceeds of the sale. The commission will be between 6%-7%. You will receive the balance.

The non-traditional method of selling your house is through a real estate investor. You may wonder about the process and if this method of selling your house is best for you.

• You complete the sell house or sell your house form on the real estate investor’s website.
• The investor will call you back quickly.
• The investor will ask you a few questions, which will help him analyze your situation to enable him to give you a firm offer.
• In a couple of days the real estate investor will call you with a fair offer, which is usually 10-20% lower than the realtor has priced your house.
• If you accept his offer, you will sign an agreement.
• You will pay no holding costs or repair costs.
• Your closing will typically be within 10 days.
• You will receive your cash and move on with your life.

To make a reasonable decision, you will have to decide which method is most appealing to you. Do you have the time to wait to sell your house with a real estate agent? Are you willing and able to make repairs and changes to satisfy your buyer? Can you afford to pay the holding costs associated with the time involved to find a buyer? Are you willing to pay 6-7% of your proceeds in real estate commissions?

Would you rather complete an online form, get a reasonable offer, sign an agreement, pay no holding or repair costs, close in 10 days and walk away with your cash?

Most sellers will make their choices based upon their individual needs and time frame. If you are in a position where you have no choice and must sell your house, the most reasonable decision would be to contact a real estate investor.

Using a realtor could take from six to 12 months in today’s market. Using a real estate investor will take about 10 days. The choice is yours. You won’t have to think any longer about the “sell house” phrase. Call 1-800-Sell-Fast today. You can consider your house sold.