Sell Home

Do you need to sell your home and have noticed real estate investor signs on the side of the road that say Sell Home Fast or Sell Home Quick? Have you ever considered using a real estate investor to sell your home instead of the traditional method of listing your home with a realtor?

Why use a real estate investor with a Sell Home Fast sign instead of a real estate agent?

• A realtor lists your house and tries to sell it for you. A real estate investor makes you an offer within a few days.
• A realtor charges a commission, usually between 6% and 7%. A real estate investor never charges a commission.
• A realtor could take up to a year to sell your house in the current market. A real estate investor buys your house within a few days.
• A realtor will ask you to paint, do repairs or other items to make your house more appealing to a buyer. A real estate investor will buy your house “as is.”
• With a realtor, you will still have holding costs; i.e., mortgage payments, taxes and insurance. A real estate investor will make you a fast cash offer and relieve you of the burden of these holding costs.
• With a realtor, after your home is sold a closing date will be set, which could take about 45 days or more. With a real estate investor, you will usually close within a week or ten days.
• A realtor will not be able to sell your house with no fees, no conditions or contingencies. A real estate investor always buys your home with no fees, conditions or contingencies.

There are many reasons you could have for needing to sell your house quickly. Do any of these scenarios sound familiar to you?

• Can no longer afford the mortgage payments
• Owe more on the house than the house value
• In preforeclosure
• Job relocation
• Getting a divorce
• In bankruptcy
• Tired of being a landlord and want to sell your properties
• Inherited a home you don’t want
• Need cash
• Have multiple house payments

If so, it would be difficult to go through a realtor. Real estate investors are usually very creative in buying homes. Now matter what difficulties you may have, real estate investors generally have the answers. Here are three of the methods of purchasing your property that a real estate investor could offer you.

• All cash
• Deed in Lieu (we take over your payments)
• Short sale (when your mortgage exceeds the value of your house)

Most real estate investors offer fast real estate buying alternatives like the above. That’s why their signs say Sell Home Fast or Sell Home Now. They usually make you an offer within 48 hours. Your experience using a real estate investor is generally a fast, stress-free one.

The way it works is simple. You call the number on the sign, or if you saw them on their website, there will be a simple form to complete. Once they receive your form or your call, they will quickly respond.

When they call you back, they will probably ask you some questions regarding your property. These questions will help in their analysis of your property, and will make it easier for them to make you an offer on your home.

With a few days, they will make you a written offer. The offer will be easy for you to understand. They may even offer you some creative solutions for the sale of your property to make it easier or less complicated for you.

When the offer on your property is signed, you will see that the offer is all cash with no financing contingencies. In addition, the closing will be based upon your schedule. You just let us know when you want to close and we’ll make it happen. It won’t be based upon a changeable real estate market.

Another plus with using a real estate investor to buy your house is that you will receive an offer within a few days and will know exactly how much he will pay for your home. If you use a real estate agent, they will tell you what your property is worth, but that doesn’t mean that is what you will get from the sale of your house. After you pay your repair costs, holding costs, selling costs and real estate commission, your net will be substantially less, sometimes ten of thousands of dollars less.

Now that you understand the benefits of using a real estate investor to buy your home, call the Sell Home Fast investor and get started today. 1-800-Sell-Fast will give you peace of mind, so you can move on with your life.