Dominate Your Local Real Estate Market By Generating Exclusive
Leads from Motivated Home Sellers Hand Over Fist

  • Ads featuring a 1-800 vanity number generate a higher response rate - 30% or more by modest estimates.
  • In a television campaign test of 1-800-PRODIGY versus the numeric equivalent, Prodigy Internet received 25% more response from their vanity number over a 24-hour time period.
  • Vanity 800 numbers improve consumer recall rates in visual aids by up to 84% and yield a recall rate nine times higher than recall in broadcast ads versus numeric toll free numbers.
  • In a Chicago Tribune study on advertising, it was discovered that advertisers using 1-800 vanity phone numbers were getting ten times the amount of calls as those advertising with a local phone number.
  • 58% of consumers prefer to reach a local business by dialing a vanity 800 number, rather than a local number of numeric toll-free number.

Sources: Individuals, Inc; PR Newswire; Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions; Response Marketing Group; Michael J. Motto Advertising; Strategic Telemedia;; The Chicago Tribune

By the time you finish reading this letter in its entirety you will have access to the essential tools for generating serious, qualified, motivated seller leads for your real estate investing business.

Fellow Investor,

The economy is spiraling down a bottomless pit and people are desperately uncertain. Mortgage debt is piling up and smothering millions of homeowners. For investors, it would seem that the telephones should be ringing off the hook with sellers who want to get from under the cemented foundation of homeownership in the midst of this economic crisis. 

Due to the uncertainty, the phones are dead. The email boxes are empty. The fax machines aren’t purring. Now, you’re uncertain. 

Most investors fail due to a deficiency in qualified leads from a lack of advertising and marketing. There are only two basic ways for a seller to contact you through email and by phone. This means you need a website they can find and a phone number they can remember. 

In times like these, people stick to what they know, what is easiest, and what seems to immediately address their needs. That is why people shop at the same stores even if the service is ridiculously horrible. As often as their cellular phone company drops calls, they still continue to keep the service month after month. It is not the contract. It is the familiarity. 

Not only do you need a website that qualified leads can easily locate you and a telephone number that they can remember, those leads also have to feel some semblance of familiarity, convenience and feel that you appear to be able to immediately address their needs. 

Did you know that 80% of all sellers go to the internet before making a decision to sell their homes? However, many sellers just want to pick up the phone and call a real (live) person who is serious about buying their home. 

If you are not using a prime vanity number like 1-800-SELL-FAST, you are losing up to 50% or your potential leads and the chance to help a lot of homeowners who need your service. 

Having a number they can remember when they are ready to sell is critical. Do you really think a local number would accomplish the same thing? Absolutely not! That's why the "big companies" use vanity numbers. Because they work!

  • Project a professional image

  • Be more productive

  • Build credibility

  • Create a business presence
    in your target market

For one flat monthly fee you can have the best vanity number in the industry (1-800-SELL FAST), a website that is optimized for the search engines (, marketing and media designs, professional image and logos, customized email address and unparalleled marketing power to draw in new and repeat business

Get Washed Away in Floods of Qualified Leads

1-800-SELL FAST allows Real Estate Wholesalers just like you to license its phenomenal marketing power to increase your overall marketing efforts by using a prime vanity number and search engine optimized website.

1-800-SELL FAST licensees have discovered that response rates will increase when sellers associate the brand name and vanity number with having the ability to accomplish their goals.

Studies have proven that response rates increase when advertisements include a vanity number. As a 1-800-SELL FAST licensee, you can experience a tremendous increase in the qualified leads you receive in a matter of days.

Make it easy for your sellers to find you. They are out there looking for a way out of their current situations, whether months behind on the mortgage or they simply want to downsize. As a 1-800-SELL FAST licensees, you will be the first one they call.

Expand your reach and grow your business. Think of all the dumb jingles that you’ve heard in commercials. They are only designed to get stuck in your head to improve your recall of the brand.

Vanity Numbers capitalize on easy recall

Think of all the websites you discovered just because the website address matched the words you typed into the search engine. You know from your own web surfing that people rarely surf past the first couple of pages. Get leads through 1-800-SELL FAST licensee program just by showing up in a search engine.

Search Engine Optimized Websites prosper from generic foot traffic on the web (similar to
a retail store being in a great location)

The vanity 800 phone number and the optimized website themselves advertise your business.  As a 1-800-SELL FAST licensee, it is YOUR BUSINESS.

As a 1-800-SELL FAST licensee, you simply license the use of the name, website, and more and we do the rest:

  1. Search Engine Optimization - There are experienced real estate search engine marketers working to move 1-800-SELL-FAST up in the search engines for our key phrases.  We are doing everything possible to make sure that motivated sellers find 1-800-SELL-FAST in their search, plus it helps that is the best domain name in the real estate investment market.
  2. Pay-Per-Click - One of the ways that your leads are generated is through paid search engine placement, such as Google and Yahoo.  When a pay-per-click phrase is entered into the search box in your territory the search engines show your ad and sellers can click on the link and be directed to the com website.  It’s that simple.
  3. Type in Traffic - With a domain name like and, no one has more name recognition than we do.  A motivated seller who is in a hurry to sell will type in sell fast first.  Type sell fast into the search engine and see for yourself. In addition, we have over 300 real estate related domain names that are directed to the website.

Your response rate will increase significantly when you include the 1-800-SELL-FAST name and logo in your marketing campaign. Whether you use our television or radio commercials, direct mail marketing using our postcards, or our billboard or bandit signs in your marketing campaign, using the brand name 1-800-SELL-FAST will considerably increase your leads.

As a 1-800-SELL FAST licensee you will receive:

  • Use of the 1-800-SELL-FAST vanity number in your territory
  • Use of the website
  • Personalized landing page to capture seller leads
  • Phone leads routed directly to the phone number of your choice
  • Internet leads from routed to your email address
  • Implementation of Google local pay-per-click campaign
  • Website Search Engine Optimization
  • Pre-produced marketing material designs
  • Web reporting for Internet and phone leads in real time
  • Access to 1-800-SELL-FAST professional logos and designs
  • Email address:
  • Licensee login area/control panel
  • And much more...

Through this amazing 1-800-SELL FAST licensee program, you get to test the licensing operations. You get proof that use of this branded material will boost your business without getting locked into a commitment. If you’re not convinced, cancellation is easy. 

Licensing this remarkable brand identity makes business expansion quicker and more effective for you. 

Licensing will be more effective for you in these difficult economic times instead of trying to burn tons of money on uncertain advertising strategies.

Truly, the majority of the work has been done for you. 1-800-SELL FAST licensee also benefit from:

  • Exclusive territories
  • Pre-produced TV and radio spots
  • Ability to sublicense parts of your territory
  • And more...

In otherwise identical radio ads, the use of 1-800-NEW WHEELS increased response rates by 14 times compared to the use of a numeric toll free number.

A Chicago Tribune advertising study found that newspaper advertisers using a 1-800 vanity number were getting 10 times the number of responses to those advertising with a local numeric phone number.

Sources: Individuals, Inc; PR Newswire; Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions; Response Marketing Group; Michael J. Motto Advertising; Strategic Telemedia;; The Chicago Tribune

Lead After Lead, After Lead, After Lead ...

The right toll-free number is your key to success. A telephone number that can be called at no cost to the caller is essential to any and every business. Without any separate lines or extra equipment to buy, this is a no-brainer. 

The 1-800-SELL-FAST vanity number will bring you sale after sale after sale because it helps in making your business look more professional. I guarantee easy recall so that potential customers can easily contact you. 

The owners of these vanity numbers 1-800-FLOWERS, 1-800-COLLECT, 1-800-CALL-AT&T and many other smart marketers have experienced:

  • Boosted ad campaign responses
  • Generate calls even when they’re not running special advertisements
  • Enhanced their images

Jim is frantic. He’s pulling his hair out of his head trying to figure out how he can get out of debt and help his daughter pay for graduate school. 

Both Jim and his wife are a part of the working middle class. Their daughter has a chance to accomplish feats they never had the opportunities to attempt. 

Both of their older children are already married with their own families. There is only Jim and his wife left in the house. Jim and his wife have decided to downsize. But, they are discouraged by the market. They don’t know where to turn. 


Jim sees a series of commercials late at night as he is pacing his living room. Two commercials are from investors who are looking to buy houses. Jim rushed to find a pen. He could hear the commercials on the television as he searched for a pen. By the time he found a pen, the commercial break was over. 

He remembered one of the numbers. It was easy. 1-800-SELL-FAST. It sounded like just what he needed. Jim called the number immediately.

You Could Always Buy Into a Franchise to Reap
the Benefits of Brand Identity

There is another way to use the power of an established brand identity to boost your leads. You could buy into a franchise. Just be aware that it could take you months and months to get approval and get your franchise started.

Through a franchise opportunity, you will also have to provide past audited financial records showing successful performance.

Franchising also brings the federal government into your life. You will have to comply with franchise laws. The federal government requires registration of the franchise in the applicable jurisdictions.

Franchising creates more work for lawyers in complying with all the registration requirements, and consequently it is far more expensive. You’d end up spending all that money, just to get yourself a new boss. The franchisor, the entity that owns the rights to the brand that you are hoping to exploit, dictates how your franchise business operates to make money.

Just like a job, you, as a franchisee, represent the parent company’s brand and image.

The toughest obstacle I faced in getting my business started was raising the money to open the doors. Licensing eliminated the need for start-up cash"

- Glenn Todd CEO Winter Horse

All the Benefits of Franchise Branding Power Without The Extreme Expense, Hassle and Third Party Interference

Licensing costs less and can be started much more quickly than buying into a franchise. Avoid complex government regulation. There is little or no government regulation in licensing, and there is troublesome and complex government regulation in franchising.

Rather than buying into a franchise and shelling out ridiculous amounts of money to enjoy the power of a strong brand, consider licensing without the burden of long-term commitment Plus, it is substantially less expensive.

  • No Startup Costs

As a 1-800-SELL-FAST real estate investor, all you pay is a reasonable monthly licensee fee for the county of your choice. We do not set your advertising budget. You decide what you want your advertising budget to be. Of course, the more you advertise, the larger your return.

  • No training required

If you are an experienced investor, you will be familiar with the type of advertising that works in your area. 1-800-SELL-FAST will provide you with the brand name and vanity number, along with the marketing tools to increase your leads. If you are a new investor, you can choose from our optional marketing material designs for your advertising campaign to help you build your business and generate more leads.

  • Exclusive territory

You get an exclusive license for the 1-800-SELL-FAST county of your choice. You will be the only 1-800-SELL-FAST investor in your county. You do not have to share leads, because all leads in your county will go direct to you.

  • You control your business

You decide how to run your business, manage your advertising budget, run your office, make your offers and buy your homes.

  • No franchise fees

You are not part of a franchise that will cost you at least $50,000 in startup fees. You pay a small monthly licensing fee. We do not charge back end transaction fees (royalties). Your profits are yours. We do provide you with our marketing products designs free of charge to use in your marketing campaign. It’s that simple.

  • No long term commitment

You may cancel anytime with 30 days written notice.

One reason we've been able to exert an unusual amount of control over our products is because we never franchised. When we began to license and form strategic partnerships and joint ventures, we spent a lot of time with the other [companies'] management to see how they operate in good times and bad, and whether we shared a similar view of the world. You are judged by the company you keep.”

- Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks

There is no registration required to license the power of a remarkable brand. Licensing only requires a contract between two independent contractors. 

Using 1-800-SELL-FAST, you won't have to worry about these things:

Simply Complete the Form Below,
And be on Your Way to Generating Unlimited Qualified Leads

After you complete the simple form below on 1-800-SELL-FAST, you will receive additional information about maximizing your real estate investment potential. You are under no obligation to take advantage of the marketing power of the 1-800-SELL-FAST brand.

For one flat monthly fee you can have the best vanity number in the industry (1-800-SELL FAST), a website that is optimized for the search engines (, marketing and media designs, professional image and logos, customized email address and unparalleled marketing power to draw in new and repeat business

Most smart investors recognize the power of brand identity, recall, search engine optimization and the power in these marketing strategies. I could license the brand identity for tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands the same way that franchisors do. Plus, the franchisors charge commissions and other fees. We would still generate interest from licensees. But, I’m not in this to take advantage of people.

I could have charged $5000 monthly for this business opportunity that will transform you into a leader in your market. And at one point I considered it. People still called with enthusiasm. I received email after email from interested investors.

I wanted more people to be able to share in the opportunity. So, I lowered the price under $1000 a month. I got very different email responses. People sent me messages telling me that I were crazy. Telling me that I should charge more because these strategies really work.

Even still, I lowered the price significantly lower to license these powerful marketing tools. For a limited time only, you can get access to the 1-800-SELL FAST licensee group for a substantially lower monthly investment.

Even still, I lowered the price significantly lower to license these powerful marketing tools. And I don’t know how long it will remain at this rate. Space is limited. And as demand increase, I will have to increase the rate.

This investment is truly a limited time offer. For one, I don’t want the licensing to take up too much of my time. I’m an investor. I want my primary focus to be on my real estate investments. Secondly, I offer exclusive territories. There is only so much space available in the country. We’re bound to run out of space.

If you don’t join now and you navigate away from this page, I can’t guarantee that you will be able to join later. I know you want to make improve your investment potential. It would be crazy if you didn’t. Your life and your financial independence are dependent on it. This miniscule investment is only an afterthought to getting the life you have always known that you deserved.

Fill out the form below to find out exactly how much the investment has been discounted.

Boost Your Business

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Best Regards,

Tim Herndon

Founder, 1-800-SELL-FAST

P.S. If you don’t act now and join early, you will not be eligible for the amazing licensing discount.  There also is no way to guarantee that you will secure the exclusive territory that you want.