How to Sell Your Home

Due to circumstances beyond your control it sometimes becomes necessary to sell your home, and knowing how to prepare and how to sell your home may be a process that you’ve never experienced. Most people don’t look forward to the process of actually selling their house and don’t really know where to start. They just know they have to do it ….and quickly. If you don’t know the process of how to sell your home, we would like to help you with some tips to help you prepare for the process. Some tips others may give you could be good ones and others might not be so helpful. From many years of experience, we have listed the tips below that we have found to be the most successful:

• When people start shopping for a home, they get a first impression from the outside appearance of your home. If your yard has old junk lying around, and the grass is brown and not mowed instead of a deep green mowed lawn, the prospective buyer will probably expect the same untidy look in the interior of your house. First, clean up your yard and mow the grass. If you have time, spray a good fertilizer on the yard, and plant a few inexpensive annuals around the front of the house. These things will give your house “curb appeal” and will make your prospective buyers want to see the inside.
• When you prepare the interior of your house to be viewed by possible buyers, don’t think of the property as “your” house anymore. Remember, you are selling it to someone else. Start by removing personal items, such as family pictures. The buyer wants to visualize how their household furnishings will look in the space in your home. Be sure to remove anything that could be considered political or religious. These items could create a conflict with your prospective buyers, and you certainly don’t want to do that. The key is depersonalizing your house to make your buyers comfortable.
• Open all the windows and let the sunshine and fresh air in. This will give your house a pleasant smell and will remove accumulated unpleasant odors.
• If you like clutter, and some people do, you should remove all of it. Your goal is to allow interested buyers to really “see” your house. Lots of clutter will give you house a feeling of being much smaller than it actually is. Clutter can turn off prospective buyers.
• Make sure you clean your windows. Clean windows give your house a spotless, fresh, bright and appealing look. This also allows the buyers to see your home in the best possible light.
• Have your heating and air conditioning system checked out and serviced prior to showing your house to potential buyers. You certainly don’t want buyers to walk through your house freezing or roasting as they try to view your house. Making a major investment in your property isn’t something that a potential buyer wants to face at closing.
• Is your home clean? When you consider how to sell your house, remember that a clean house is a very important part of showing your house to prospective buyers. Make sure your bathrooms and your kitchen are spotless, polish the furniture in all rooms, and mop tile or vinyl floors in kitchen and bathrooms. In addition, make sure your carpet is vacuumed and all spots are removed. It may be worth the investment to have your carpet professionally cleaned.
• Make sure your light fixtures are clean. No one wants to see dead bugs in the light globes. Clean light fixtures will permit prospective buyers to see your house much more clearly.
• If you have animals or birds inside your house, make sure any cages are cleaned and odor free. In addition, don’t allow your dog to jump up on any potential buyers. There is nothing more annoying, especially if your buyers aren’t animal lovers. Put him in a cage. Also, be aware of any animal odors. You may not notice them, but others coming in from the outside will, especially if they don’t have animals. You can use pet sprays or carpet powders, which may help, but professionally cleaning the carpet is the most effective. Remember, you don’t want your house to smell like a dog kennel. You want it to smell fresh and clean to your potential buyers.

We trust these tips will help you prepare your house to be viewed by prospective buyers. Now that you know how to sell your home, it’s time to get started! Good luck!